Thursday, February 28, 2013

Email 02/25/13

Family, It has been a crazy week. Good beginning then we heard news of a big snow storm on Thursday. I woke up at 6:30 and it was fine and clear out then by 9am it was pounded. Came really fast and took everyone by suprise. We went out in the blizzard like storm to help some cars stuck around 1pm then got a ride with a cop to a members house where we stayed all day stranded. We weren't able to drive for 2 days. The roads were horrible and not cleared til 2 days after the storm. Bad but kinda fun to be in. Friday we spent time shoveling driveways and stuff. Then Saturday morning, we had interviews with the mission president. We found out that our mission will be split. We are the largest mission in the world (regarding number of missionaries) from what I understand and the split will happen when I go home. So I won't be affected by the mission change, but cool to see that missionaries will have their mission changed and that our mission is doing really good and needs to be split into two. It will be the Missouri Independence Mission and Kansas Wichita Mission. Crazy bc I served some time in Wichita so cool that they will get their own mission now. We don't know boundaries yet but President Keyes will be talking with the prophet and mission department next week or 2 and find out the boundaries. We guess that Wichita Mission will be the whole state of Kansas. Crazy news. Then we found out that we get another snow storm tonight, just as bad as what we had last week. Probably another foot of snow or so. So, we are trying hard to stay warm and bundle down for the next couple days. Thanks for everything. Love Elder Roe

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Email 02/04/13

Family, We had transfers this past week. Elder Manoa was transferred home to California. So sad to see him leave but he had an awesome 2 years and excited for him to finish his mission. My new companion is Elder Christiansen. He has been out for around 6 months or so. Good missionary. Excited to work. We are doing good stuff here in Marshall. I love the people here and we are working hard with baptisms on the horizon. The Micronesian family is moving toward their date for the 23rd. They have really been progressing great. They need to get married and so they are going to talk to the branch president on a day to get married here soon. I am so excited for them. It will be a huge step for them. They are reading the scriptures and feeling really progressive and motivated to do good. We are also working with a 8 year old that wants to get baptized. Her grandma is a member but parents arent. She comes to church every week and is great. We are working to move her baptism sooner so we dont hold her back from what she wants. A spanish family we are working with is going okay. We are going to work with them to have FHE at their house every week. THat would be great and think they would draw closer as a family as a result. I am really enjoying my mission and loving my time here in Marshall. I have been here in total about 9 months and it is great. Hope all is well. Thanks for everything! Love Elder Roe

Email 01/21/13

Family, This has been a pretty good week. We have been working hard. We have walked a lot everywhere we go to see more people and save miles. It has been very cold here but we are trying our best to stay warm. Marshall is doing pretty good. We have people to teach and they are doing better. We are going to have to move back the baptismal date for the Micronesian family. They have been struggling, but we are working a lot with their friend who is a member of the church to continue to see them and work toward a new goal for them to be baptized. Another spanish family we are working with is doing really good too. Lots of good stuff coming up in this area. I am really excited about it all. Spanish is improving and helping out those we are teaching. My companion is going home in less than 2 weeks but he is still really hard working. We are doing great together and I am excited for him to have a good last part of his mission. Exciting. Not much happening other than lost of busy work and trying hard. This week we have a zone conference with Elder Eduardo Gaverret. He is in the first quorum of the 70. So we are excited for that. Should be pretty sweet. Thanks for everything! Love Elder Roe