Monday, January 14, 2013

Email 01/14/13

Hey, This has been a pretty good week. We have been working hard on some people that are close to getting baptized. We had a little setback when we got a decent cold snap and lots of ice and little snow that they cancelled church yesterday. Pretty crazy that they cancelled church and funny to explain to investigators that they didn't need to worry about coming to church because it was cancelled. So we are working hard on these people that we have and it is going good. The Micronesian family is doing pretty good and doing better. We are also working hard on this spanish part member family that is doing better and working toward a baptism. My companion and I are doing good stuff here. It was a slower week with lots of meetings and me with the flu but good week overall. I am doing good here in Marshall and loving it more and more. Not a whole lot going on other than the really cold weather and ice. Thanks for everything. Love Elder Roe

Email 01/07/13

Hey, This has been a busy week. We had a lot of driving. I had to go to Warrensburg, which is like 60+ miles away to do a baptismal interview in spanish. I am the only district leader around that speaks spanish so I had to drive out there to do the interview in spanish and translate for the missionaries there. It was pretty cool though. My spanish has improved a lot. I am struggling speaking in english now but I know the word in spanish. Very flip-flopped lol. I have been speaking spanish a lot more recently so that is really fun. Only way that I have improved is to spend as much time as I can on speaking it and being around it all the time. We were able to get another person with a baptismal date. A young 8 yr old whose parents aren't members but her grandma is and she wants to get baptized. I remember her when I was first here when she turned 8 and she came up to us and told us that she wanted to get baptized so it is really cool to be back in Marshall and get to see that it will happen. It won't be for a couple months because she is going to school in Kansas City and living with her mom for awhile but she will be back to get baptized here in Marshall. The Micronesian family that we have on baptismal date are doing really good as well. They have some problems with smoking and stuff so we had an awesome lesson yesterday and the committed to give it all up. We are really excited for them. Very cool to hear them pray in Chuukese and still feel the spirit. Pretty neat stuff. Nothing much other than being really busy and trying to stay warm. Doing really great here. Thanks for everything. Love Elder Roe

Email 12/17/12

Family, We had a pretty good week this past week. We have been teaching this Micronesian family for a little bit and we were able to bring a member with us to teach them and they clicked really good. We had an awesome lesson about the importance of faith and baptism and committed them to be baptized on February 2nd. We had been a little worried because they don't know a whole lot of english but they have been understanding a lot better than I thought and doing really good. They speak Chuukese which is kinda cool and we are working to have materials in Chuukese in case they don't understand things but they have understood really good thus far. We also had a Christmas party/dinner at the branch and it was really sweet. We had lots of people there and they had a great time. Good food too. Crazy how fast Christmas is coming up. Time is flying. Not a whole lot happening tho this close to Christmas. Thanks for everything. Love Elder Roe