Monday, October 22, 2012

Email 10/22/12

Family This has been a good past week. Lots of work and progress. We got a nice family we have been trying to work with to come to church and better fellowship for them at church. So they have been doing a lot better, just need to continue to work with them on reading the Book of Mormon. That is the focus of our work the past few weeks: helping people see the importance and motive to read the book of mormon. So far it has been really good and really seeing an increased testimony on my part and the Book of Mormon affecting ppl's lives which is awesome. We have also had a lot of success with this part member family that has started to come back to church again. This is the 9 yr old girl we had on baptismal date but fell thru since they weren't coming to church, but they are now' so we are hoping to work more with them soon! That is pretty sweet. We had exchanges with the zone leaders which went really good. I went to Wichita and that is sweet. Always fun to go to another area. Saw lots of miracles there and then Elder Stagg and the other zl had lots of good stuff here in Newton so that was fun. We are doing better. Things looking up and working more which is always good. We have seen lots of more activation of the spanish members here. Lots more are coming more often. More then I've ever seen. So it is really sweet to see the spanish members come more and have a more involvement in the ward. One spanish sister gave the opening prayer in spanish for sacrament meeting and I am working with the bishop to get the spanish members to get callings and home teachers. Really happy for that. Warm weather which is nice but not cool when we are in suit coats lol. Other than that, we are doing pretty good. Thanks for all the love and support. Love Elder Roe

Monday, October 15, 2012

Email 10/15/12

Family, This was a really decent week. We had some really rainy/bad weather the past couple days but it has been fine. Lots of rain which we needed and thunderstorms but nothing too serious. We already broke out of the cold snap and looking for warmer weather which I don't really look forward to. Besides the weather, things have been pretty good around here. We weren't able to teach a whole lot of lessons but the people we were able to see went really great. We are working really hard with this nice family. We just recently started working more with his kids who are 9,8,7,1 yr old. They are getting more involved with us in reading the book of mormon and listening to what we have to say. We also went over this past Saturday with a ward missionary that went really good. He actually served his mission in Fort Lauderdale speaking spanish. So that lesson went really good. We are also working with a couple other people and helping them progress more. Things are doing really good though. We have interviews with the president next week. I think so that should be good. Trying to work hard as a district leader. Lots of meetings, interviews to have, and phone calls and account abilities. But it is going good. I enjoy helping out. This coming week looks like it will be good so I am happy for that and looking forward to do good then. Other then that, nothing much going on. A lot of work, no pay lol. Thanks for everything. Hope all is well. Love Elder Roe

Monday, October 8, 2012

Email 10/08/12

Hola, Conference weekend was way sweet. Interesting announcement from Prez Monson. Big news for everyone. I liked seeing the shocked looks on everyone's face and the guys when they lowered the age for guys, then the girls when they lowered theirs too. Crazy stuff. I really liked conference a lot. I thought that Elder Holland's was way good. He have a very similar one in the MTC when I was there but it was a little different then the one he gave for general conference. Very good talks and thoughts to keep in mind for the next 6 months. We had an awesome time looking to invite everyone we could to the general conference. It was a really good time. We were able to get a few investigators to see it which was nice. They thought it was really nice. Lots had questions on family and how to help them in this kind of world so I think that general conference and reviewing the talks they missed would really help them. Kinda slow week though trying to see people. Not horribly great week in finding people but we had a few really good lessons with people and they are beginning to increase their faith which is our whole purpose. Really enjoying the time here though. We are trying to work better with the few members we have here in Newton. Most of the members live in areas outside of Newton really far away. All good though. So we are trying to work better with everyone. It is starting to be rather chilly which is sweet so I am enjoying it minus the crazy wind. That's about it though. Thanks for all the love and support. Love Elder Roe

Monday, October 1, 2012

Email 10/01/12

Family, We had transfers this week. I stayed and Elder Haws got sent off to Lenexa. I'm with Elder Stagg. He is learning ASL so that is pretty cool. He just served actually with Elder Decker who I also served with. His trainer was actually an elder that came out with me so that is pretty cool. So we spent this past week introducing him to different members and the investigators we have. It is going well. We need to do lots of finding new investigators and some more solid, prepared people. It is easy to find but not as easy to find those whom the Lord has already prepared. The weather is starting to cool down which is really nice. Looking forward to the cool weather again. Unfortunately that means that we have to wear suits coming up now. All good tho. We also have general conference this coming week. I am pretty excited for that. Should be pretty sweet. So this week is the inviting week where we invite everyone to come to hear a prophets voice. I noticed on that they have a really great video and resources on the home page on how members can invite people to general conference and how to do hard stuff using facebook and all that jazz. Pretty cool stuff so you should check it out. Pretty quiet week so far tho. Not much going on. Thanks for everything. Hope the Utah trip was all good. Love Elder Roe