Monday, June 17, 2013

Email 06/17/13

Family, We had a great week of miracles. All because we are working hard and trying to help the area more. We were at dinner Wednesday night when we got a phone call from a sister working at the family history center that night and said 2 ladies walked in, live in our area, want to have missionary discussions and 1 of them wants to be baptized. It was a great miracle. We are now teaching them and helping them progress well. Then we were out with a guy in the ward for a teaching appointment, already running a couple mins late when he stops and is like "You elders want to go to sonic and get a shake?" We cant pass that up so we are in the drive thru when this worker takes trash out stares and asks, "Are you Mormon elders?" We said yes and he responds, "I've been looking for you guys!" He was baptized a member in 2008 and hadn't been to church since and recently moved to Leavenworth and has a renewed desire to come back to church but didn't know where to find it. So it was a great blessing. He came to church with us yesterday for the first time in years. He told us that he wasn't even supposed to take out the trash but did anyway, just as we weren't really expecting to be at sonic, already late for an appt. God's hand was in all that happened that night. Great to see those inspirations help others. We are doing great here and enjoying my time here. Thanks for all you do! Love, Elder Roe

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