Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Email 04/16/12


Transfers were this past week. I stayed and Elder Decker left for Liberty area. I have Elder Perez now. He is from Cali but parents are from Mexico and he is very much fluent. I am really excited to work with him. It will be very helpful to have a native spanish speaker as a companion to help the area and improve my own spanish. I am looking forward to seeing the spanish people more and being able to have a better contact with them all. I think we can eventually have a spanish branch here some day. Unfortunately we couldn't go to the open house with the Salmeron family this past Saturday. We have to set up a different time the works better for them. Luckily the open house has been extended thru April 28th so we have a little bit longer to get a reservation and get them up there. I really want them to be able to go. We are also trying to go with some other less active spanish members here. We have already gotten into homes we haven't been able to with Elder Perez fluentness. We speak spanish a lot and I am learning a lot of vocab and phrases to help. Now I have some help with translating as well. Elder Perez also likes to cook a lot and I am getting a bigger exposure to spanish food and learning myself how to cook some. I still like my chicken nuggets tho. That won't change. We got to talk to the branch president for a while to correlate missionary efforts in the area as well. That went really well. I am optimistic that things will be getting better in Marhsall and people can start progressing, especially with the spanish work. In other words, a quiet week.
Thanks for everything.

Elder Roe

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