Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Email 04/02/12


This past week was pretty good. We got to see a few people and help them out. The Salmeron family is doing well. We got Miguel to watch all the sessions of General Conference. I thought general conference was really good. Always pretty sweet to see the difference of things you learn from conference as a missionary. I liked the general theme of rescuing others. I felt that conference was perfect for everyone, member, lessactive, nonmember. Plus the emphasis of eternal marriage which we are trying to help the members in the branch work toward. Think it's always interesting the way some members in judging others we bring to church or "lessactive" people that they don't think are worthy to come to church because of their past or whatever. There is a problem with judging others in the church and some of that came in with conference on we have no right to judge because we ourselves sin. I like the talk that mentioned the bumper sticker that said "don't judge me because I sin differently than you" or something like that. Pretty funny. I have met lots of members who don't come to church because someone offended them or didn't feel welcome, etc. The only thing we can do is emphasize to them that the gospel is perfect, the people aren't. The speakers talked a lot about welcoming everyone back home. I thought it was really cool since we have family who aren't members or "lessactive" in the church. I thought something interesting was in the priesthood session Richard Edgley, i think, mentioned that we should pray for those we know or are in our own family that don't come to church or have something holding them back from partaking of the blessings in the gospel. It was a new thought that I hadn't really done before. I think we need to pray for all of our family and friends that are struggling spiritually, physically, etc so that they too can come back home. Our investigators are doing well. We have the Haro family still that we are trying to see more often. Really nice spanish family that I think just need some more spanish fellowship from the branch. That would really help them. Then we have the Schieldmiers or something who are a really nice older couple but hard to get a hold of. They usually come to church every week which helps a lot. She was a former member and is ready to come back along with her husband. We are excited for them. And I am excited for the temple open house with the Salmeron family. I really think that this is what they really need to start coming to church more and keeping commitments to increase their faith.
Good to hear everyone is good. Good luck with all the guard stuff and everything. Love you all
Elder Roe

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