Monday, June 11, 2012

Email 06/11/12

Family, This past week has been pretty good. We are excited to have our baptism for the Schildmeier's this saturday. They are really excited for it too so it will be really good. We had great lesson with them and the branch loves them already. They are totally ready. Then this week we were able to get into contact again with a spanish referral from church HQ and he is doing well. His name is V.C. and we are working on a baptismal date with him. He had met with missionaries in the past and after he moved he wanted to learn more so we are starting to teach him. He still has some ways to go and we need to work on some things but he is doing good and really wants to follow Christ more in his life. V said that he was talking with a preacher a while ago and he happened to mention that he was learning and taking lessons from the mormons. The preacher told him all this false stuff about the church (which we cleared up with him) and V responded by "That can't be true" then said "You know I have learned more from the mormon missionaries then I have from you or any other preacher I've talked to" Big slap in the face for the poor guy but V is right. The only thing really holding V back now is the word of wisdom and he needs to get married lol. Pretty much all spanish investigators all have a problem with drinking, coffee (big especially with El Salvador), and they just never got married to their "spouse" of like 15 years. So once we figure out how we will get them married, we can start getting somewhere. We also started working with a couple part member families that we have been finding thanks to our new branch mission leader who is awesome. Things are really picking up in the area and we have better support with the branch president and other members here. Change is good and I think that is what this branch needed to get excited about missionary work again. Other than that, all is well here. It is brutal hot but we had a good rain last night which was far overdue and the farmers have been praying for it but still looking out to be a rough summer. Thanks for everything. Love Elder Roe

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