Monday, June 25, 2012

Email 06/25/12

Hey, This past week has been pretty eventful. Rather stressful. We just had the baptism just over a week ago which was great. Then a few days later we found out that one of the widows in the branch, J.H., passed away at 64. Funeral service was really nice to have lots of family there. She was the only member in her family and her sister came up to us and said she wanted to see us more and for us to stop by anytime and talk with her. Nice lady. It was good for the whole family to see what church Jessica went to and what we are all about. Then to add to more bad news, the day of the funeral the branch president told us that another woman in the branch was just airlifted from the local hospital to a more advanced hospital an hour away in really bad shape. Last we heard she was still not doing good at all. Her husband, Bro A is the one who baptized Bro S this past week. The S's are doing good. Sis S had really scary surgery to fuse her back. Thankfully she is doing good and surgery went as planned and she is healing great. As for the other work we have been doing this past week, we are working with Bro U and A.M. Both are progressing toward a baptismal date. We just need to check up on a few things with each and A should be baptized here soon. Work is doing really good and we really being blessed in this area. Marshall hasn't seen this kind of work or blessings in work in quite some time. Really great to be apart of it. We have transfers in just under 2 weeks and I think I will be leaving so I am trying to make the most of it in this area while it lasts. Other than a lot of things going on with the branch, not a whole lot else to say. Thanks for the prayers and support. Love Elder Roe

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