Thursday, July 19, 2012

Email 07/16/12

Hola, SO Newton is turning out to be a pretty nice area. I really enjoy the spanish potential we have here. I am working really hard with the members to gain the spanish trust and it is working great. We have found really great spanish investigators and the members are taking us to go see their spanish friends. I am the first spanish missionary in Newton in over a year so they are happy to have another one again. I am trying to build a spanish branch here and I think we are really close to having our own here. We had a great few lessons with a guy I met named Jose. He is searching for truth and wants to go to a church to seek help from God in his problems he faces with his family. He was so happy to meet with us because he said he really feels we can help him and the gospel can answer his questions. I am having a good time here and look forward to the next couple weeks here. Elder Jensen is going home in 2 days and it was great to serve with him his last bit before the end of his mission. He really worked hard in this area to gain back the members trust after a very long stent of bad missionaries destroying the area. I knew Newton while i was serving in Rolling Hills and it was known as a dead area and that no one wanted to go there. Great to see Elder Jensen turn it around. It is pretty crazy that I have been out for a year now. Doesn't really feel like it at all. I appreciate the packages and the half-way boxes and the tie. It was pretty amusing. It's been a busy week of going around everywhere and seeing people and been a great time. Not much other to say than I am pretty happy for the new area and second half of my mission. Thanks for everything. Love Elder Roe

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