Monday, July 23, 2012

Email 07/23/12

Hey, This past week has been pretty good. We shipped off Elder Jensen on Tuesday and he was on a plane Thursday night. Elder Haws and I are doing good though. We are getting adjusted to the area and really learning so I think we will be fine in the area. We did get into contact with part member family that Elder Jensen didn't know anything about. The Nicholson family. Sister Nicholson is the sister of one of the spanish members in the ward but has a girl and her husband who are not baptized. We talked to them and they want the 9 year old girl baptized and the husband is okay with it and wouldn't mind learning more. Not sure how interested the husband is but we are happy for the family and this can really help the family be more active. The Murua family (ones related to the Nicholson family) were so happy that I came and I speak spanish and had been waiting to tell the missionaries about her family who is a part member family so it was awesome to help out the family. I am trying to continue to gain the trust of the spanish families here. I am slowly working and just need to actually do service for them and it will help. Yesterday at church we had a lot of spanish families there which was a first in a long time for the area. It was great. Plus there is spanish drama here similar to my last area and families that don't get a long but the families involved both showed up at the same time (never happens) for sacrament AND stayed so I'm hoping that we are making progress with them. Good to hear. Other than that we are doing pretty good around here. Enjoying the area and think we are going to be working hard. Thanks for everything! Love Elder Roe

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