Thursday, August 30, 2012

Email 08/20/12

Family, It has been a rather interesting week. I am now a district leader so I am in charge of a couple missionaries in the area. I am over an area called Hutchinson that has some sister missionaries. It is a way good area and they baptize a few times a month usually so it will be great to work with them all. We went to a different town north of our area for 2 days and stayed at some members house for the night which was not too bad. Not a whole lot of work in the area and always tough since we are only there for a couple days every month so we are just fellowshipping the members and the people who don't get seen by missionaries much. Plus we get fed more which is awesome. We do have one person with a baptismal date. A nice little girl in a part member family. They are excited for it and it will be really good for the family. It could help them come back to church more. School started now and it is getting harder to meet with people since they have little time and the kids are doing sports or other stuff. We are still hoping all is good though. I will be starting an english class for spanish members and investigators can learn english so I am really excited and stoked for what is going on. I feel that I will be here for quite some time. I might just spend half my mission in Wichita. Pretty funny. Mission is going good so nothing to complain about. All is well. Thanks for everything. Love Elder Roe

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