Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Email 07/30/12

Hey This past week has been a rather slow, hot week. We are averaging about 109 degrees or so around here and hit like 121 a week or 2 ago. We have been bearing the crazy heat and thankfully we have full time car. Our mission president even advised us to avoid going out during the heat of the afternoon and try to get out earlier in the morning to see people then come back for lunch and studies while it is the hottest of the day. As for the work in this area, it is doing okay. We have a goal for someone we are teaching to be baptized Aug 18th and we are working with her to quit smoking. We are working with some other people too but mostly focusing on helping out the ward and getting to know the ward better and work with them. We still dont know like half the ward since both Elder Haws and I came here at the same time and we didn't see a lot of the members with Elder Jensen. We are managing though. As for the spanish in this area it is doing okay. I am teaching a couple people and really working with the spanish members to make them feel more comfortable. The spanish members have been coming to church more which I am excited for. I have talked to them a lot and they don't really want a spanish branch here but rather learn more english. That is why they come here to Newton instead of traveling like 30 min to the closest spanish branch. So I am going to start an english class for them to learn the basics of english and basics of the church like learning to say a prayer, have a conversation, bearing their testimony, etc in english. I am excited for it because it is an opportunity for them to invite their friends to the class and learn english even if they are not really interested in learning more about the gospel. It helps the community at the very least. So I am stoked for that and working to get all the books and stuff to have the class. Other then that everything is doing pretty good here. We are trying our best to keep cool. Thanks for everything. Love you all. Elder Roe

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