Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Email 12/10/12

Family, The weather has made a big change and is freezing. No snow, just freezing wind. Didn't help with my cold, but it is all good now. We had a busy week. I was a little behind with me being sick and it took a bit to recover but lots of visits. One of our investigators that had a baptismal date, we found out, is having a concern with reading the Book of Mormon and praying. That is something I have gotten a lot better at recently to answer questions and focus everything on the Book of Mormon and helping people read it. So we have been visiting lots of people and simply just reading the scriptures with them. It has been really fun. I really like reading the scriptures. I have also recently done bible quizzes with people. It is kinda funny because I don't know the bible very well but we have lots of fun quizzing people on basic bible questions on the life of Christ, it being Christmas season. In general conference, there was a stat saying that members of the church know more about the bible than any other group of people. It's true. But it is really fun having casual talks about the bible and letting people know that we read the bible as well. Really fun. We are working to stay warm in the cold but we are doing good. Thanks for all you do. Love Elder Roe

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