Monday, November 26, 2012

Email 11/26/12

Family, Busy thanksgiving week for us. Lots of people to see with very little time. Productive week though. We had a busy thanksgiving that went rather well. We had a good meal and pie and all kinds of food. An El Salvadorian family gave us some duck. That wasn't too bad. We had really good discussions with this guy who is wanting to be baptized. We discussed his concerns and questions that he has and went really well. We see him and his familiy everyday to read scriptures with them and talk about what we read in preparing him to be baptized. It is really awesome to read the scriptures with invesigators and I really enjoy it. Then we also started to teach another spanish guy from Florida. He is pretty cool. He and his family lived in Miami for like 25 years. So we talked lots about Florida and found out he talked with missionaries in the past in Florida and wants us to teach him and his wife. That was really cool. So things are doing pretty good around here. We stay really busy which is really good. Awesome to be here in Marshall. Loving it. Thanks for all you do. Hope thanksgiving was sweet. Love Elder Roe

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