Thursday, November 24, 2011

Week of 11/14/11

Hola! This week has been pretty good. We had exchanges with the ward next to ours and the elders we share the car with. That was Tuesday. It went okay. The elder I was with is a hard worker and trying to build back some member trust that has been downhill with the past few elders in the area. Then Wednesday we walked like 8-10 miles trying to see people and try to find some new investigators. I love walking, hate biking. Elder Palmer is the complete opposite. He loves biking and can go forever, but struggles walking anything more than 2 miles. I think walking is more effective in street contacting people anyway. But it was an okay week. Taught quite a few people, although we have found out that the only people that are interested in learning more about the gospel or the investigators we teach are crazy, mental, or less-accountable. It is a problem because they just don't get what we say and don't progress so we have to drop them and stop teaching them. The only success we will ever find in new investigators is through member referrals. That has always been the case, so it is just a matter of encouraging the ward to be more proactive in helping and talking to their friends about the gospel. Then we keep having our recent converts having withdraws of old temptations and not coming to church, so that is a problem we have been trying to address and work with as well. I thought a couple of them are starting to feel the spirit more and remember what their baptismal covenants are, But good week. Glad we go back to the car this week. It is hard to exercise on bike week because we cant really go anywhere and don't want to work too hard and not be able to bike later that day so looking forward to this upcoming week. Ward council and the other meetings we have are going a lot better now. The ward is starting to realize we pester them until they do their home teaching and they need to follow-up with us better. Our ward is starting to become more excited about missionary work. We just had a kid in our ward leave for his mission in 2 days. He will be serving in Raleigh NC so that is cool. His name is Cameron and his brother is already out on a mission in Cali and his younger brother will go on his mission 1 month prob after Cameron gets back from his. So really neat family. We went to his farewell to say bye and give him some ties yesterday. A member in our bishopric told us that apparently 2 missionaries died in Texas while getting hit by a car on their bikes. There was a 3rd missionary with them but he survived. It was a hit n run but the guy eventually turned himself in I guess. Pretty crazy. That is one reason I like walking instead of biking but Elder Palmer doesn't share my enthusiasm for walking.
But it has been a good week and looking forward to this week. One of the members took us out to Chili's last week and is going to do it again this Thursday too. Pretty excited for that. I found out that Cherry pie is the worst thing on the planet to swallow down and hope that doesn't happen again. I have been nice about eating food I don't like/tried yet and suffer through it anyway. I also found out that my allergies with dogs isn't as bad as I thought. Since every person on the planet has a dog but us, I am exposed to lots of dogs. At first it wasn't great because I would tear up and get a little bit of allergies going but that has changed to were I can handle them now and it doesn't really bother me unless it sheds like crazy and gets in my face.
Thanks for all the love and support. I really appreciate it. I am doing the Lords work here and great to focus on that and not have to worry about anything else. Good to hear that all is well and love you all.

Elder Roe

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