Thursday, November 24, 2011

Week of 11/7/11


This past week has been a busy one. We were teaching a lot of people. We also had a few people have trouble and run into problems that we had to help them fix. It has been really touching to help someone in need. Whether it is with the repentance process, finding comfort in trials, or understanding the scriptures and strengthening a wavering testimony. I felt we did a really good job in helping others this week. Really kept us busy. But is has been rewarding as we help them and see the affects we have on the less-active, active, or non-members in our area. It's been a great week.
If you have been hearing the news, Oklahoma has been slammed with earthquakes. Late Saturday, around 10:45 pm, like 50 miles north of Oklahoma City there was a 5.4 or something that we actually felt. We were in bed and the bed started to shake. I thought it was Elder Palmer shaking his bed against the wall or something but we both looked up at each other, wondered the same thing and was like "I think that was an earthquake." So sweet. It was really cool to feel. Nothing went bad and nothing even fell. We just felt our bed moving involuntarily. Kinda funny.
It has been getting chilly recently so that is good. A little rainy too but my jacket piece that i tore out from my big huge snow jacket is working perfect. keeps you warm and dry. It's raining today and tomorrow, so that should be fun bike days. It's all good.
So we have had a good time. We have been busy trying to find new investigators and teach 1 or 2 ppl we actually have progressing. One really needs some time and work into but she might pull through if she keeps her commitments to read the book of mormon and stuff. We also have been trying to help progress this part member family that has been worked with for several years. Nothing really has come of it and the husband (nonmember) hasn't shown much enthusiasm in wanting to learn more. I finally just told him to read the book of mormon if he wants happiness in his life and a stronger foundation to teach their young child and be in a gospel centered home to teach his child and one on the way. So I was bold in my testimony so hopefully he follows thru and starts to realize the importance of the gospel in his home. It was a good experience for me to teach him and I felt I did my part in bearing my testimony on how the gospel can change his family and better his life and now it is up to him to do his part and actually do it. Time will tell.
Thanks for all the love and support. I miss you all. All is well here.

Elder Roe

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