Thursday, November 24, 2011

Week of 11/21/11

Hola! This past week has been a busy one. We really worked hard to teach a lot of people and find more people to teach. It has been good. Apparently our mission is going thru a change. We moving our focus from, finding to inviting, for baptism. Some guy from Salt Lake came to congratulate our mission that we are #4 in the nation on finding. The best 3 missions are all in Utah. So our mission is doing really good as a whole. But he wants to switch more emphasis on getting people to church and more baptisms. New programs and leadership is going to come the next transfer so I am pretty excited to see some changes. Should be good.
We taught 24 lessons this past week which was really good. You normally get like 19 or 20. So we worked really hard this past week. This coming week should be interesting with bike week but still hoping we can see a lot of people. All is doing really well here. It is starting to get really cold and snowed again the other day. Apparently we are in for a really rough winter. Excited for it though. Not really a whole lot of things to report. Life is going good here in the mission and this Thanksgiving things should be good. We have a couple people that offered to feed us, so we will probably just go around trying to see everyone and hopefully get some new investigators with family and friends getting together to eat and such.
Love you all. Thanks for the package. Good to hear from everyone.
Elder Roe

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