Friday, January 6, 2012

Week of 01/03/12


This past week was rather slow with Christmas time and New Year coming up and all that. Kinda weird that it is 2012 already. The end of the world!!!! One of the highlights of the week was going to this part-member family to have lunch this past week. We got to talk to the member parents about baptism and the importance of coming to church. They havent been in like 3 years so they could use some help in coming back to church. We invited them to have their kids baptized which they said yes but just not right now. They are going thru a very tough time with their family and really busy schedules. But they did express their desire to come back to church and that the other churches they had attended just wasn't the same as going to our church. That is good to hear from them. Other than that, we got to hang out with really cool members and enjoy the new years (on saturday) playing football and basketball with some non-members. So that was pretty sweet. We have 9 am church now so that is different. I don't really like it bc it means we have to stop and get ready in the middle of our studies and go to church and come back to finish studying and all that stuff. Right now, my priority is to always stay busy. It is hard to be motivated to work and do stuff if you are sitting around wondering what to do next. Planning is something we have to work on and better plan our day to meet our goals. Finding is something we have been studying and trying to think of better ideas to find solid investigators and ask for referrals. That's pretty much all that happened this week. Hopefully we have a good coming week and work hard.
Hope everyone had a good New Years!
Elder Roe

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