Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Week of 01/16/12


A lot has happened in the past week or so. We had a total miracle. There is this awesome family in the ward, the Thompson's. Tory was a total punk with over 50 tattoos, he married Wendy who was a convert but had been inactive for a few years. The missionaries stopped by and long story short, Tory fell in love with the Book of Mormon and was baptized about a year ago. He is a super solid member. Now they are both really active and planning on going to the temple together next month. Wendy has a few kids, none who are baptized. None are really interested and don't live with her anymore. So we were out and about trying to see people and Wendy calls us saying that she saw us drive past her house (forgot we were in the area) and to stop by if we have time. So we went there and turns out her son Jordan (23) had to move back with her bc of some issues. We started talking to him and the family, then Wendy said "Jordan hasn't been baptized, what does he have to do to be baptized?" I about fell over. I said "uhh, what did you say?" She repeated and we started to discuss the lessons and introduce the Book of Mormon to him. We met with them again last Friday and he wants to be baptized so we set a date for the 28th of this month. We were totally excited. Our area has been seeing a lot of good stuff and we have been teaching and finding really solid investigators. Then I get a phone call from our mission president this past Friday. Went like this: "Elder Roe, how are you doing?" "I'm doing great president, how are you?" "oh, just wonderful, Elder is your spanish?" I about died. Long story short he explained that there is an english area but the ward has a few spanish people and they want me to teach sunday school in spanish to them. I was pretty shocked, then sad bc i don't want to leave this area. I found out last night that I am going to Marshall, Missouri. They are planning to open a spanish branch in the area in March so I might be there for a while. So I am sad to leave this area, I have met some really cool people and sweet memories and stories. But this is a chance to boost my spanish skills. I will be missing the baptism we have next week but that is the life of a missionary who leaves at the worst times. Other than the unusual warm weather here, it has been a good week. We are setting records of how hot it is here.
Well I hope that all is well. Miss everyone. Pray for me and my new area.
Elder Roe

P.S.-From Lorraine
If you plan on writing Elder Roe a letter, be sure to use the address on this blog. Do not use the Wichita address anymore.....and thanks for writing him. I know he appreciates the love and support!

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