Monday, January 9, 2012

Week of 01/09/12


This past week has been really uneventful for the most part. There were a lot of cancellations and rescheduling of appointments. Plus it seemed that no one wanted to answer the door or anything. It was a tough week on seeing people but we were able to set up some good appointments for this week. I am pretty excited for this week to have the car and see as many people as possible. It also just occurred to me that there is just over 1 week left in the transfer. Time has flown this past month. I have really grown to love this area and don't want to leave the members or people we teach. I am expecting to stay here for at least one more transfer. That would be the ideal.
We had a tough week but things got better over the weekend. Elder Miller was in Independence for training on Friday so I got to stay in my area with a spanish elder and another elder. It was really good to practice my spanish and chat with the spanish elder. He and the other elder with me are brand new and only been out for a couple weeks. So this was the first time being older than someone in a companionship. It was pretty weird having to take the lead and direct them on what to do. So after a short dinner, all 3 of us went out to try and talk to people. I then decided that we would tract this street I felt would be good. I started talking with the first door and got 2 new investigators at it. I have learned good things to say when tracting, and ineffective ways to say things when tracting. This time I was able to say the right thing and set a return appt to meet them and their family to teach them the gospel. The next door I let one of the other elders answer. Not a good idea. Long story short, the lady was atheist and the elder did NOT say the right things and got into a yelling match with her and her friend Heather. Then they took us next door to argue with her husband. Husband was a lot nicer and didn't really want to argue. I just ignored the atheist who was long gone on interest level and talked with Heather. After calming her down and explaining that my companion didn't say the right things and didn't explain our beliefs very well, Heather was pretty interested. I got to explain our beliefs, Restoration, Book of Mormon and stuff to her. She said she would love to see us again and she might come to church one day. When we left she even gave me a hug which was really weird. (I understand now how weird missionaries get with girls lol). SO mixed results that night. The spanish elder spent the whole time trying to calm down the yelling elder and bring the spirit in but wasn't happening. We explained to him the very important concept that as missionaries it is useless to try and "prove" our point thru logic or science or big words. It is thru the spirit of bearing testimony and inviting them to find for themselves if God exists and if He really is our loving Heavenly Father. Definitely a learning experience for all of us.
SO that was my interesting week. I am looking forward to a hard-working week and trying to talk too everyone that we meet.
Hope all is well.
Elder Roe

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