Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Email 02/13/12


We just had a pretty nice snow storm here so we got a couple inches today. About time bc we have had a really mild winter. This past week has been alright. Little slow but that is all good. I did however translate sacrament meeting for the first time this past sunday. That was pretty sick. It didn't go very well bc the headsets weren't working very well and since the older members of the branch don't like me translating in the chapel, it was hard for me to hear outside. Overall tho, it was a lot better than I thought it would be. The spanish members appreciated it which is the main point. They might be creating a small little branch here sometime in the next couple months so that would be really cool for them to have everything in spanish for them. We did get some more info on the branch and who is part member families so i really hope that things can get easier to find and we can better learn the area. Besides more finding and trying to keep up with learning spanish, not much really going down here. I did have a pretty good birthday out here. Quiet which was nice but really enjoyed the letters and hearing from people.
Thanks for everything.
Elder Roe

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