Monday, February 27, 2012

Email 02/27/12


What's up?
This past week was kinda lame. I was pretty sick with the cold/flu bug or whatever for like 5 days. Still have the lingering cough which stinks. I didn't translate this past sunday because it was a branch conference and none of the spanish members showed up on time anyway. They have a real tendency to do that. Really couldn't do a whole lot because I was sick but we did get to finally meet this cool part member family. They have a kid who hasn't been baptized yet. The family is really less active because the father is the head football coach for Marshall High. I haven't met the dad yet but we talked to the kid about faith and getting his whole family involved and everything. Did get them to open the door tho since I played football and we like sports and all that. Hopefully that is a connection that sticks. We haven't been able to get into contact with the Haro family tho which doesn't help. They are a really cool spanish family that have been taught by missionaries for awhile so I really hope that we can get back into contact with them again. This Thursday is transfers but I'm not expecting anything to change with me. My comp might leave tho. Not sure about this one. I really cross my fingers that I will stay in this area for awhile. I really enjoy the people and speaking some spanish at least. That's about it this past week.
Love ya
Elder Roe

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