Monday, February 20, 2012

Email 02/20/12


Past week went pretty good. We had interviews with our president. Plus we also had a training on the temple open house for Kansas City. They really want everyone to be able to go which is really nice. Us missionaries are allowed to go a total of 3 times. Pretty sweet. Then we found out that they are planning to have missionaries involved in the cultural event thing that the youth in the temple district get together to do. Don't know a whole lot about it but if I am in the area when it goes down, I might be able to go. We also had exchanges this past week. I stayed in Marshall and my comp for the day was another spanish elder so we got to go around to all the spanish members and talk to them. Went really well. I also got to stop by this family that I saw in our teaching records that had been investigating for a long time but once they got english elders they stopped being seen. So that went really well. I hope that we can really be able to teach them more and get somewhere again. They are the Haro family. Super cool family. They have a lot of faith despite tuff stuff. Really looking forward to meeting with them more. The wife was so happy to see us, she was also really appreciative that we try to speak spanish and could stop by and see her again. She said she missed "los elderes." I also got to translate again Sunday. Went a little better so that's nice. I am having whoever is speaking, run their talk thru an online spanish translation or if its from a general conference talk then on which has the correct translations. I also recruited the help of other spanish bilingual to help me out with translating. I am really working hard on the spanish lately so I am helpful that I can improve even more and not need to use online spanish translations (which are usually way off anyway) and can just hear and translate.
Thanks for everything. Hope everyone is good
Elder Roe

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