Monday, March 5, 2012

Email 03/05/12


Transfers was Thursday, but no changes here. I am still with Elder Decker in Marshall. This past week was actually not too bad. We did get a snow day but didn't last more than a couple hours. It is starting to get kinda warm again here. We did here about all the crazy weather and everything in the Midwest. Everything has been fine here so far. There was a couple days that we were expecting to have tornado's here but nothing thank goodness. We finally got into contact again with the spanish family that I had met with. Got to meet the husband this time which was really good. Jose and Mercedes are a really nice couple with 3 kids. They speak all spanish so it was up to me to translate for Elder Decker and to take the lesson by myself. It was really good though. They were really happy to see us and I re-established the missionary trust again. Not sure where things will go anytime soon but I am really hoping that I can get them to church bc they already know a few of the members. They were really grateful that we could stop by and look forward to more times for us to come over. We also had like this random couple show up at church.... friends of some less-active ppl. We met them and they really enjoyed church and gave them a book of mormon and everything. They started reading it already so I think that they will be good family to follow up with later. We also had a spanish lady come that is a member we have been trying to get into contact with. That was pretty sweet sunday. I translated yesterday and it went better. Testimony meeting so I know my vocab for that pretty good. Not bad week. Good to hear all is well back home.
Love you guys.
Elder Roe

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