Monday, March 26, 2012

Email 03/26/12


This past week has been pretty good. We did get to set up a day to go to the temple open house with the Salmeron family on April 14th. One of the kids won't be going but otherwise it will be really sweet. I am pretty stoked. We even got Miguel Sr to go to church Sunday. He didn't realize that I translate sacrament meeting (he didn't believe me when I told him) so he was pretty happy. Good testimony meeting so he liked it and wants to come more. Exciting. Almost as exciting as the 7 nonmembers we had show up at church yesterday. 4 of them were from the local university. They were in a religion class and their professor wanted them to go to a church they have never been or know about so they came to our little branch. It was pretty sweet. At least one of them was really interested. He was like "I feel more comfortable here than my own congregation." So we'll see how things go. The other nonmembers included a nice couple. One of them was a former member but she wants to be baptized now and her husband too so we are looking forward to working with them again. So things are doing pretty good here. Looking forward to the next couple weeks. We have been inviting lots of people to the temple open house and it is filling up really fast. They said they already have like 60,000 reservations or something. So crazy. Hopefully I get to be in the cultural event. Still wont know for awhile. The weather here has been really good. Warm and feels great. Really sweet to just sit outside and talk to people. I decided that I would update my long list of new food I've tried on my mission. I can't believe I even touched some of this food.
chinese food (general suh & stuff) - really weird tasting sauce and not a big fan, pepper steak is good.
meatballs - disgusting
pasta - not a fan
Lasagna - the worst dinner of my life, especially the veggie lasagna
fried pork steak - pretty good
pie (reeses) - okay
meatloaf - pretty bad
mexican bean & something mix - pretty gross
lots of weird salads - horrible
pie in general - i usually barf down
cow tongue - I cant believe I put this in my mouth. I could still taste the taste buds.
fajita - good as long as it is meat, lettuce, and tortilla, not this guca junk
heated fish sticks - a lot better than frozen fish sticks
cholula hot sauce - AMAZING ON EVERYTHING
mexican rice with veggies - really good as long as no carrots
pupusas - not too bad
peppermint candy ice cream - an abomination
mexican candy - not a fan
So that was a few more things that I tried. Definitely different than my tyson chicken strips. Keep praying that I will continue to bear these foods ppl keep feeding me.
Love ya'll
Elder Roe

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