Monday, September 17, 2012

Email 09/17/12

Family, How is everyone? We are doing pretty good here in Newton. We had a couple rainy days and cooler weather which is awesome. Kinda of a slow week and we had a lot of cancellations of appointments. Not too bad otherwise. We got a couple new investiagtors this week which was great. We went to visit a LA spanish family this week and we go by and turns out a family member just got here from Honduras like the other day and will be staying here for quite some time looking for a job. He isn't a member but really interested in being baptized and has been involved in the church whenever he has been here in the united states so we are hoping that we can help him out and get him to progress and get a spiritual confirmation. Way sweet that we found him though. We had stake conference here which was pretty sweet. Good stuff happening. Also found out that Gladys Knight is coming to the mission with her choir and everything. I think it is the same thing they had in Orlando some time ago. Meant to invite investigators and all that stuff. She will sing, bear her testimony and all that jazz. Pretty cool. We were really excited. Coming in October. Then came the bad news. Everyone in the mission will be able to go....except Wichita zone. That is where I am. Lame. So we won't be able to participate in it unless I get transferred or something. Other than that, we are doing pretty good. Thanks for everything. Love Elder Roe

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