Monday, October 22, 2012

Email 10/22/12

Family This has been a good past week. Lots of work and progress. We got a nice family we have been trying to work with to come to church and better fellowship for them at church. So they have been doing a lot better, just need to continue to work with them on reading the Book of Mormon. That is the focus of our work the past few weeks: helping people see the importance and motive to read the book of mormon. So far it has been really good and really seeing an increased testimony on my part and the Book of Mormon affecting ppl's lives which is awesome. We have also had a lot of success with this part member family that has started to come back to church again. This is the 9 yr old girl we had on baptismal date but fell thru since they weren't coming to church, but they are now' so we are hoping to work more with them soon! That is pretty sweet. We had exchanges with the zone leaders which went really good. I went to Wichita and that is sweet. Always fun to go to another area. Saw lots of miracles there and then Elder Stagg and the other zl had lots of good stuff here in Newton so that was fun. We are doing better. Things looking up and working more which is always good. We have seen lots of more activation of the spanish members here. Lots more are coming more often. More then I've ever seen. So it is really sweet to see the spanish members come more and have a more involvement in the ward. One spanish sister gave the opening prayer in spanish for sacrament meeting and I am working with the bishop to get the spanish members to get callings and home teachers. Really happy for that. Warm weather which is nice but not cool when we are in suit coats lol. Other than that, we are doing pretty good. Thanks for all the love and support. Love Elder Roe

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