Monday, October 8, 2012

Email 10/08/12

Hola, Conference weekend was way sweet. Interesting announcement from Prez Monson. Big news for everyone. I liked seeing the shocked looks on everyone's face and the guys when they lowered the age for guys, then the girls when they lowered theirs too. Crazy stuff. I really liked conference a lot. I thought that Elder Holland's was way good. He have a very similar one in the MTC when I was there but it was a little different then the one he gave for general conference. Very good talks and thoughts to keep in mind for the next 6 months. We had an awesome time looking to invite everyone we could to the general conference. It was a really good time. We were able to get a few investigators to see it which was nice. They thought it was really nice. Lots had questions on family and how to help them in this kind of world so I think that general conference and reviewing the talks they missed would really help them. Kinda slow week though trying to see people. Not horribly great week in finding people but we had a few really good lessons with people and they are beginning to increase their faith which is our whole purpose. Really enjoying the time here though. We are trying to work better with the few members we have here in Newton. Most of the members live in areas outside of Newton really far away. All good though. So we are trying to work better with everyone. It is starting to be rather chilly which is sweet so I am enjoying it minus the crazy wind. That's about it though. Thanks for all the love and support. Love Elder Roe

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