Monday, October 15, 2012

Email 10/15/12

Family, This was a really decent week. We had some really rainy/bad weather the past couple days but it has been fine. Lots of rain which we needed and thunderstorms but nothing too serious. We already broke out of the cold snap and looking for warmer weather which I don't really look forward to. Besides the weather, things have been pretty good around here. We weren't able to teach a whole lot of lessons but the people we were able to see went really great. We are working really hard with this nice family. We just recently started working more with his kids who are 9,8,7,1 yr old. They are getting more involved with us in reading the book of mormon and listening to what we have to say. We also went over this past Saturday with a ward missionary that went really good. He actually served his mission in Fort Lauderdale speaking spanish. So that lesson went really good. We are also working with a couple other people and helping them progress more. Things are doing really good though. We have interviews with the president next week. I think so that should be good. Trying to work hard as a district leader. Lots of meetings, interviews to have, and phone calls and account abilities. But it is going good. I enjoy helping out. This coming week looks like it will be good so I am happy for that and looking forward to do good then. Other then that, nothing much going on. A lot of work, no pay lol. Thanks for everything. Hope all is well. Love Elder Roe

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