Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Email 05/14/12

Family, It was good to talk to everyone yesterday. Next time we'll skype. This past week has been kinda slow. We have been busy going around to the spanish families. We are really pushing to get them to church. We even made our rounds Sunday morning to pick up some spanish investigators but they all flaked out. We are going to have to work harder on finding more people to teach and helping the people we teach to keep committments. That has been a tough part in our teaching recently. The Schildmeier family is doing really well. We hope to see them more here soon. They live like 50 miles away so we don't have the miles to go way out there so we have to wait for them to have the time to drive to the church building to meet with us. This coming week should be a busy one for us. The McClintock family is going to be going with us to drive to some of the smaller towns and see the members that live out there and don't come to church bc it is too far away. So we are excited for that this Saturday. Nothing else really going down soon. Pretty much told my last 5 months over the phone yesterday. lol. Thanks for everything you do. Love Elder Roe

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