Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Email 05/29/12

Family, This past week was transfers. I stayed here in Marshall with Elder Perez again. Because of the transfers though it was a slower week. We did get to talk more to the families and I think we have a good relationship with all the members here. We also had a few really good talks with this less active member in our branch. He is not in full fellowship in the church and we have been trying to really help him out and change his current standing. His family along with another spanish family in the branch have a big feud going on for the past several years so we are also trying to mend some wounded feelings. It has been a rather difficult time especially since neither family wants to go to church if the other family is there. So we have been at a stand still with neither one of the families going to church. But we had some good discussions with the branch president and with the other members to find out how we can help them. The Schildmeiers are doing really well. We had a great 2 hour conversation with them after they met with the branch president this past week. They are progressing and it is great that Bro S has a lot of questions because the gospel has the answers. He says that everything just seems to make sense which is what is so great about teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ because it really does just "make sense." Even though we didn't get transferred, we went with the Sedalia missionaries to pick up their new companion and then go shopping in Kansas City since Marshall has no shopping lol. We also found some time to go into the spiral Community of Christ temple right next to the Independence visitors center. It was pretty interesting. We walk in and everyone is staring at us. The workers didn't want to look at us and tried to avoid us but we made sure to say hello. We kill people with kindness. They weren't very hospitale towards us. They gave us a map and said to go look at the places instead of giving us a guide like everyone else. But it was a nice experience to show that the church loves all churches and isn't prejudice toward anyone. We are trying to find more spanish people to teach since everyone that we have now aren't really progressing and starting to avoid us. All the spanish people here are very catholic or pentecostal and like meeting with us but then they get pressured by their friends to not meet with us anymore. Really a shame bc there are people we meet that want to learn more but bc of pressure or other influences they back off. Other than that not much going on in Marshall. We did get invited to a Jehovah Witness convention in KC but we have zone conference. Maybe we could catch a bit afterward. Thanks for everything. Love Elder Roe

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