Monday, May 28, 2012

Email 05/21/12

Family, This past week has been pretty good. We found a couple more people that we could teach that look really promising. Unfortunately we ran into some problems with the Haro family. We got a phone call from the wife saying that her husband said to ask us not to come over anymore. She is upset about it and didn't want to have to tell us that. So it was disappointing to get dropped by them but we have passed by a couple times just to say hello to them. The husband likes to drink and felt uncomfortable being around us and is still stand offish but the wife is still really nice. I think that we might be able to get back in to meet with the wife but just not the husband. We had a really good chat with the branch president on how we can make things better in the area. We have been working a lot with this family in which the father is disfellowshipped. We have really been trying to help them progress and improve in coming to church and eventually be welcomed back in full fellowship in the church. We also got to see 17 Miracles with them and Axel. It was really awesome. Amazing movie about the pioneers and they really liked the movie too. I feel good and think that we helped establish a better relationship with the branch president through talking about the needs of the area. He is also meeting with 2 investigators this wednesday to evaluate their desire to be baptized so hopefully we will have the Schildmeier couple baptized in the next 2 weeks or so. We are also working with the Martinez's to baptize the husband and 1 daughter they have that aren't members yet. But we want to help the whole family start coming to church more before we get them baptized. We really don't want them to just fall off the face of the earth after we baptize them. We have transfers here this week. I am not sure what is going to happen with me. I might be leaving but I am sure I will just stay here. I like this area so I would be okay with that. That's pretty much it around here. Have a good time with Keriann's debate thing. Thanks for everything. Love Elder Roe

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